Close up with a sleeping seal pup image was captured during a NaturesLens Seals Photography Holiday

Seals of Norfolk Photography Holiday

You are invited to join Sean Weekly, one of the guides for NaturesLens on a photography adventure to the picturesque coastline in Norfolk, home to a formidable population of Atlantic grey seals. Sean, our experienced photography leader will guide you throughout, assisting you in capturing stunning images of these impressive animals, whilst respecting their fragile natural habitat.

Sustainability is a key issue when it comes to photographing seals in this region, so NaturesLens have designed this photography trip to provide brilliant wildlife photography opportunities whilst behaving in a way which does not pose any threat to the native wildlife & environment. This trip is suited to both amateur & semi-professional photographers looking to add magnificent images of coastal wildlife to their portfolio.

A seal pup nose t nose with it's mother image was captured during a NaturesLens Seals Photography Holiday

NaturesLens invites wildlife photographers on a 5 night, 6 day photography holiday to the coastal areas of Norfolk, photographing the impressive Atlantic grey seal within this bleak & dramatic landscape. You will stay in a hired cottage, which will provide you with comfort & convenience so that you can focus on obtaining photographs that you will cherish for years to come. You will benefit from Sean’s guidance from before sunrise to after sunset, he will work with you to convey techniques that ensure that you leave with some stunning images captured throughout the days on the beach. The cottage we use is located very close to the beach & dunes, which are used by the seals, this ensures excellent viewpoints from which to capture them on camera as they rest & interact with one another.

Wildlife photography of the Atlantic grey seal population, has been a contentious issue in recent years, & therefore ethical & respectful photography practices are necessary to ensure that the seals & the environment do not come to any harm. NaturesLens have put together this photography holiday with issues of sustainability & animal welfare in mind by designing a schedule which allows wildlife enthusiasts to experience the seals first-hand & capture impressive photographs, all the while being mindful of their welfare & what precautions are necessary in order to protect their natural habitat.

There will be two main photography sessions per day; one early session from before the sun comes up & the second taking place in the late afternoon & evening as the sun goes down, both giving you the chance to make the most of varied lighting & tidal conditions with your photography. Our unique & private accommodation provides the opportunity for an ethical approach to photographing the Atlantic grey seal colonies without compromising the welfare of these iconic mammals.

A young seal pump appears to be laughing image was captured during a NaturesLens Seals Photography Holiday

A youn seal pup peers over the dunes at the photographer image was captured during a NaturesLens Seals Photography Holiday

At all times, Sean, your photography leader will guide you during the photography activities & will be mindful of the seals, preventing any disturbance of the animals by keeping at a safe distance from both adults & pups, whilst using longer lenses to capture the best possible images.

This holiday includes 5 nights accommodation in a gorgeous cottage on a dinner, bed & breakfast basis, your meals will be warming, homely & plentiful to get you warmed through & filled up after a long day on the beach. Numbers are limited to ensure that the trip is sustainable, ethical & enjoyable for every photographer, so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment!

Seals and pups on the beach at night image was captured during a NaturesLens Seals Photography Holiday

Workshop Availability


Recommended Equipment


We recommend that you dress up warmly for early morning starts – it can get quite cold sitting in the hide in the early hours. Wearing layers is advisable so that they may be shed at a later stage where necessary.

  • Waterproof (and windproof) coat.
  • Warm trousers, preferably waterproof.
  •  Thermal clothing.
  •  Thermal socks.
  •  Non slip waterproof boots or wellington boots.
  • Waterproof cap or hat.
  •  Gloves.
  •  Sunglasses.
  •  Warm fleece for early morning starts and once the sun has set.
  •  Clothing for hide work should be camouflage or neutral browns & greens.
  •  Water bottle or flask for tea & coffee.
  •  Sunscreen.

Camera Equipment

  • Digital camera body.
  • Lenses in the range 400mm – 500mm.
  • Lenses with f2.8  – f4 will give the best light capture and speed of focussing.
  • An alternative to long telephoto lenses is a tele-converter (e.g. 1.4x or 2x).
  • Monopod or tripod.
  • Remote shutter release.
  • Spare memory cards.
  • Spare battery.
  • Battery charger.
  • Lens cleaning cloth.
  • Camera and lens waterproof cover.
  • Laptop or another type of storage device – we will be shooting lots of images.

Additional Notes

NaturesLens photography holidays include only the travel stated on the event page, flights of any nature are not included. Flight details, where applicable, are made available to clients in plenty of time to allow for booking at the best prices available.

The photography holiday itinerary is subject to change & is to be considered provisional.

NaturesLens photography holidays require a minimum number of participants, if sufficient photography holiday places are not sold the photography holiday may not be run, this photography holiday has a minimum participant level of 3 & a maximum number of 4 plus NaturesLens guide(s).

Not all mentioned wildlife can be observed & photographed at all times of the year, thus some activities may be considered seasonal & not available.

Unless stated otherwise, most NaturesLens wildlife photography holidays are suitable for single travellers, we design our holidays so that each participant gets their own room, there is no sharing & no single supplement – if this is unclear for any event, please check the accomodation arrangements prior to making a booking.

Please note the cuisine on many of the NaturesLens wildlife photography holidays is authentic & typical of the region in which you are travelling, international or western cuisine is often NOT available – if this is unclear for any event, please check the cuisine arrangements prior to making a booking.

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