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Explore stunning images captured by guides & guests of NaturesLens whilst on wildlife photography holidays & workshops within Romania.

A Purple Heron With A Catch One Of The Species That Features On The Natureslens Birds Of The Danube Delta Photography Holiday

Exploring the Amazing Birds of the Danube Delta in Photos

Explore, in photos, the fascinating species that make up the birds of the Danube Delta, from the spectacular Squacco Heron to the majestic White-tailed Eagle

Capturing the Beauty of the Birdlife of the Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a place of untouched beauty with its vast network of rivers & canals, often called the “Amazon of Europe.” It is home to various species of birds, ranging from the majestic White Pelican to the colourful Collared Pratincole. For bird photographers, it is a true paradise. This article will explore the beauty of the birdlife of the Danube Delta & ...

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