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A great selection of client images from our Osprey Photography Holiday

If you ever wondered how some of our photography holidays come about, many of them are worked on with our clients, between us ideas are born & from there progressed, or as Derek, who attended the NaturesLens Osprey Photography Holiday, says …

“It was about two years ago that David & I started talking  about the possibilities of photographing Ospreys in Florida. We had both decided that most of the different possibilities of photographing Ospreys in the UK had pretty much been done to death & we wanted to try and get a different portfolio of Osprey images.

David did a lot of work in putting the tour together & also included a variety of birds other than the ospreys at ‘rookeries’ as it was the nesting season for most egret & heron type birds. David, using his contacts in Florida, also managed to locate a site to photograph the 3rd rarest bird in North America, the Snail Kite!

We all knew the trip would be good but it was not until we got there we realised how good … the photography opportunities were simply amazing & the lake setting quite magical just on it’s own.

Hopefully, the images that I captured below will go some way to demonstrating the superb photographic opportunity, I would fully recommend the holiday to anyone who wants that different & special image.”

Here is a selection of the images that Derek captured whilst in Florida attending our Osprey Photography Holiday during late-April 2016 …

Wings fully spread, an osprey comes in to land at the nest - most nests are at eye level or just above - meaning photography is engaging - photographed on the NaturesLens Osprey Photography Holiday conducted in Florida during April 2016 Continue reading

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