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Capture the Wildlife Highlights of Costa Rica

A Keel billed Toucan photographed during the NaturesLens Costa Rican Wildlife Photography Holiday

We have posted details of a new nature photography trip for 2021 that anyone who fancies a trip to photograph the Wildlife Highlights of Costa Rica might want to take a closer look at – of course, this trip is covered by our booking promise – & if it cannot run in 2021, we would hope to run it in 2022 on the same terms & basis.

The trip is a condensed version of our well-regarded Wildlife of Costa Rica tour, we have scheduled this tour for March 2021, the difference is that it is of 11 nights duration as opposed to 15 – it includes the major highlights of the wildlife of Costa Rica, but also includes a brand new area that is not included on the extended tour.
Our invitation is for you to join Ian in Costa Rica for this nature photography tour which encompasses three different areas of this beautiful country.


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