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Explore the stunning wildlife & landscapes of Wales with NaturesLens. Read our articles all containing images captured during our photography workshops & tours in Wales.

One Of The Puffins Of Skomer In Flight With A Beak Full Of Sandeels

A focus on the Charismatic Atlantic Puffins of Skomer Island

Explore the largest colony of Atlantic Puffins in Wales! Join us in exploring this bewitching wildlife through Alison's photos of the Atlantic Puffins of Skomer Island.

Exploring the Magical World of Atlantic Puffins on Skomer Island in Wales

Throughout history, the Atlantic Puffin has captivated humanity with its vibrant colours, fun personality & beautiful presence. Atlantic Puffins are unique birds mainly linked to the rugged cliffs of the North Atlantic Ocean & the coasts of Scotland, Ireland & Wales. Soaring in the sky, they offer a glimpse into the magical wonders of nature.

Exploring the Picture-Perfect World of the Puffins of Skomer Island

Nestled in the Welsh waters, the breathtaking Skomer Island is a haven like no other. The island is composed of steep cliffs, & lush green grassland & is home to several native inhabitants. Amongst the impressive array of wildlife, the Puffins of Skomer Island are the most well-known; the island is world-renowned for its large population of Atlantic Puffins.

The Fascinating World of the Atlantic Puffin

The Atlantic Puffin is an iconic seabird of the northern hemisphere, living off the coasts of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Canada, & Maine. They are beloved for their colourful beaks, charismatic personalities, & captivating behaviour. Their lives are full of wonders & surprises that many may not even know about, from their mating rituals to their varied diet.

Puffins of Skomer by Sue

Sue joined our Atlantic Puffins of Skomer Photography holiday in June & has very kindly sent in some of her images for us to share with you. With a beak full of sand eels this puffin poses for the classic Skomer image photographed during the NaturesLens Atlantic Puffins of Skomer Photography Holiday Coming in for a landing amongst the sea campion this puffin in flight makes for a classic puffin image photographed during the NaturesLens Atlantic Puffins of Skomer Photography Holiday The weather was quite challenging at times.

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