Karen – Puffins of Skomer Island – June 2017

NaturesLens guides are knowledgeable in making sure you get the shots you want & are great fun to be around.

Simon – Tigers of Bandhavgarh – 2017

They obviously take great pride in seeing what photographs their clients can achieve, & are very happy to have some flexibility if the trip permits so that you can try & get that one shot you’re after.

Mark – Winter Wildlife of Japan – February 2018

The team lead a flawless trip that encompassed stunning scenery, superb local accommodation through to the main reason for being here, the stunning wildlife.

Brett – Puffins of Skomer Island – 2017

For each trip, the communications have been excellent, & the details provided ahead of the adventure have enabled me to be well prepared for each trip.

George – Dalmatian Pelicans – 2018

All in all, it was an excellent three days of photography.

Alan – Calera – 2017

Always good trips, with great photographic opportunities, & lots of camaraderie. Recommended!

Annette – Birds of Prey Autumn 2017

Not only did I receive first class tuition from Pui Hang & Sean, but I also found the other members of the group more than happy to share their expertise.

Peter – India

NaturesLens photography tour leaders are always ready to answer questions if you have any.

Brett – Skomer – 2017

The team are considerate & are always checking to make sure the needs of their clients are met, with 1-2-1 opportunities for beginners & those looking to get the best out of their equipment.

Janice – Birds of Prey – 2017

We had lots of time to set up our shots & the leaders were there for guidance & tuition if you wanted it.

Janice – Spring Birds of Prey – 2017

It was well thought out & the leaders were friendly & professional.

Darren – Birds of Prey – 2017

Was well worth the trip, got way more out of it than I could have imagined.

Mark – Japan – February 2018

At no point did I have to wait for any guidance or assistance, which was freely and generously given.

Darren – Spring Birds of Prey – 2017

If you’re new to photography you will gain valuable knowledge from the guides that will give you more confidence during & after the workshop.

Mark – Japan – 2018

They go out of their way to fulfil any dietary requests, with all the locations being able to cater for mixed requirements.


Often smaller groups of photographers – which is a big advantage.

Mark – Winter Wildlife of Japan – 2018

I was so impressed with this holiday that I am now booked on my next trip in South Africa on safari with NaturesLens.

Csaba – Skomer – June 2017

It also came through that they had a lot of planning put into the trip.

Csaba – Skomer Puffins – June 2017

The guides were friendly & helpful & had extensive knowledge of the place, therefore always could recommend a place for any time of day & kind of light.

Jayne – Bandhavgarh – 2017

Superb trips as a result of thorough planning. NaturesLens go the extra mile to ensure great photographic opportunities for all their clients.

Annette – Birds of Prey

My resulting images surpassed my greatest expectations.

Andy – Kerkini – January 2017

NaturesLens trips are well researched & organised. If you want the best photographic opportunities with excellent accommodation, maximum in-the-field time & good company, look no further.

Jessica – Pelicans 2018

Being able to photograph the pelicans very early in the morning & late in the afternoon adds a special touch to the photos.


Most of all, you’re going to have fun with like-minded people. I can wholly recommend NaturesLens.

Peter – Tigers of Bandhavgarh – 2017

Very well organized, with all the right information before, during & after the trip.

Mark – Winter Wildlife of Japan

Everything was as promised but with so much more!

Jayne – Bald Eagles of Alaska – 2016

Whether you’re looking for UK workshops or photography holidays, or overseas wildlife photography experiences, I would thoroughly recommend NaturesLens.

Mark – Japan – February 2018

Wow – what a trip!

Annette – Dalmatian Pelicans – 2018

Perfect organization, wonderful guide, beautiful location, gorgeous models, breathtaking early morning boat trips, nice people, good food & a lot of fun.

Andrew – Bald Eagles

Every detail is covered to make sure that you have the best photographic opportunities & the group always have a great laugh together.

Richard – Bald Eagles

If anyone is thinking about a wildlife photographic holiday, I can’t recommend NaturesLens highly enough.

Jayne – Pelicans

The NaturesLens photography tours are always good fun with lots of camaraderie – some great friendships have been made as a result.

Jane Hodges – Atlantic Grey Seals of Lincolnshire – 2017

I have been on several NaturesLens photography holidays & workshops with more to come; & each one of them has exceeded my expectations

Wayne – Birds of Prey

Communication is prompt & all details are communicated in a timely fashion.

Peter – Bandhavgarh – 2017

They always strive to put the clients in the best possible situations for them to make some really nice shots.

Karen – Skomer – June 2017

NaturesLens trips are well organised with detailed information about what is included in the trip.

Ian – Bald Eagles of Alaska – 2016

Local contacts, guides & drivers are experienced, high quality, & know the best places to go to get the sightings. The ‘tour leaders’ are experienced photographers & can offer advice on settings & composition.

Wayne – Skomer

If you are looking for a wildlife photographic tour, then NaturesLens are well worth looking at.


Accommodation & dining is high quality, even when it’s simple & stripped back.

Ali – Skomer June 2018

First time on a trip with Naturelens to Skomer, great organisation & prices. David & Pui were very accommodating before going on the trip. The guides were Sean & Jayne; they were helping us all the time, learned a lot from them & got some beautiful photos. We had very heavy mist at times, but Sean & Jayne made sure everyone is getting the best of it.


I have found NaturesLens to be professional & well organised each time.

Ian – Bald Eagles – 2016

Their planning is meticulous & they try to anticipate every eventuality beforehand. The locations are extensively researched & are difficult to better.

Simon – Florida’s Ospreys – 2016

It’s clear that long & careful planning has gone into the trip in order to give you the most & best possible opportunities to photograph wildlife in their natural environments.

Simon – Florida – 2016

It’s an opportunity to share your wildlife photography passion with like-minded people, take great photos, learn new things, see nature & wildlife at it’s best, & have lots of fun & make new friends in the process.

Annette – Skomer – June 2017

Our host photographers were fun, knowledgeable & most importantly extremely helpful.

Annette – Puffins of Skomer Island – June 2017

Despite not having the knowledge & experience of my fellow travellers through their help, & that of Sean & Kevin I’ve come home with some much-improved images.

Sorcha – Birds of Prey – 2017

Thank you for all your hard work; you guys are doing an amazing job.

Jane Hodges – Skomer – 2018

From the start, the service is second to none with staff being friendly, supportive & very informative. Here’s to many many more photography holidays with NaturesLens.

Trevor – Finland – 2017

It was a pleasure to be in the company of like-minded passionate photographers quickly falling into a relaxed & enjoyable environment.

Sorcha – Birds of Prey

I would definitely recommend NaturesLens