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an alaskan bald eagle barks in the air after successfully dragging a fish from the chilkat river photographed on the natureslens bald eagles of alaska photography holiday

Some of Jayne’s images from our Bald Eagles of Alaska Photography Holiday

A small selection of images from Jayne, all captured whilst on our Alaska Photgraphy Holiday, which was focussed on the Bald Eagles of the Chilkat Valley

Ian’s images of the Bald Eagles of Alaska

Late November 2016 saw the inaugural NaturesLens Bald Eagles of Alaska Photography Holiday to South East Alaska to photograph the Bald Eagle ‘Council'. The ‘Council' is the annual gathering of thousands of Bald Eagles on the shores of the Chilkat River to feed up for Winter on the late run of Chum or ‘Dog' Salmon.

Images typical of our Brown Bears of Finland Photography Holiday

We are happy to show a selection of images typical of the type of image that may be captured at the location used for the NaturesLens Brown Bears of Finland Photography Holiday. All these images were captured by Dan Trim over a period of three nights, the NaturesLens Brown Bears of Finland Photography Holiday spends seven nights at this location, meaning the guests should have many photographic opportunities.

Val’s images of Atlantic Puffins from Skomer

Val was amongst the small group that visited Skomer Island with Daniel in mid-July, although they had challenging weather on a couple of the days, one evening yielded super golden light, & the group certainly made the most of the opportunity to capture subtly lit images of the Atlantic Puffins, after all, that is what they went for.

Creative Puffin images on Skomer Island

One of the main reasons for staying on Skomer Island is the opportunity to shoot in golden light after the day trippers have left the island. But if the weather is kind, the opportunities carry on beyond the golden light period for another short session when even more creative Puffin images can be achieved.

Skomer Puffin Photography by Sean Weekly

As announced elsewhere, Sean Weekly is joining the team at NaturesLens & his first leading duties with us are in October 2016, with the rutting red deer workshops, but next summer, he will be  co-leading the regular Skomer puffin photography trips that we run to Skomer Island, off the coast of Pembrokeshire in Wales.

Puffins in golden light on Skomer Island

Part of the charm of staying on Skomer Island is the possibility of photographing the comical puffins in golden light. Once the day-trippers have left, our guests have the entire island to themselves. Plenty of opportunities to experiment with light & try something a little bit more creative … As the light starts to fade, more & ...

A selection of images from David Margetson captured on Skomer

We enjoy showing off what our photography tour & holiday participants achieve with us, so we're happy to post this selection of images, captured by David Margetson whilst on the 2016 Skomer Puffins Photography Holiday; which was lead this year, with a small group, by Dan Trim for us. Staying on Skomer Island for 3 nights means you have the opportunity to re-visit images that you may have taken on earlier days & ...

David’s images of the Birds of the Spanish Plains

Earlier this year, David was part of a small group who headed to capture images of the birds of the Spanish plains with Pui Hang & myself, we spent a weekend photograph the various species that are to be found in the area. Ordinarily, we had expected some of the species to have diminished numbers as they would have started to migrate following their successful breeding earlier in the season, however the season had been wet, many of the earlier clutches had sadly failed & ...

A showcase of some of Kevin’s Atlantic Puffins of Skomer Island

Although he is a veteran of leading photography holidays for NaturesLens with multiple trips to Poland & Fair Isle under his belt, Kevin Morgans has yet to lead a trip for us to photograph the Atlantic Puffins of Skomer. Next summer, this changes, as he will be co-leading one of the regular trips that we run to Skomer Island.

Showcasing Sean’s creative Red Deer & Stag imagery

Creative red deer & stag imagery can be achieved not only during the magical “golden hour” but also, if the weather is kind, in the short time after the golden light period. In fact, this is probably the best time to do something really innovative with light & composition as evidenced here by Sean's stunning, award winning images.

My thoughts on the Puffins of Fair-Isle

Fair Isle, measuring at just 3km wide & barely 5km long is Britain's most remote inhabited island. It can be found marooned in the North Sea between Shetland & Orkney. Due to its location it is not the easiest place to get to. But once you set foot on the island, it truly is a puffin paradise & ...

A small selection of images of Atlantic Puffins from John

John visited Skomer as one of the participants on our July Puffins of Skomer Island Photography Holiday, this trip was led by Dan, & like our June trip they spent three days on the island, with the clowns of the sea, the atlantic puffins. Like our June trip they had some very mixed weather conditions, but on the last evening, everything came good for them & ...

Some of Skomer’s Puffins from Steen

Every year, we delight in seeing the images from our photography holidays to Skomer, each & every year produces a different crop of imagery, & a different interpretation of Skomer's Puffins by the guests that visit & spend 3 nights on the island – Steen has kindly sent in a selection of images from his visit to the island as part of the group that attended our June photography holiday.

A sweet trio of images of the Puffins of Skomer

In from Nikki is this sweet trio of images, which we are happy to share with you from our recent ‘Puffins of Skomer Island Photography Holiday' that was conducted in June 2016: A lovely portrait of a puffin, harder to achieve than you first imagine due to the depth of field that makes the image pop.

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