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Some thoughts on the Puffins of Skomer

The enigmatic island of Skomer off the Pembrokeshire coastline comes alive in the summer. Recently I spent three nights on the island guiding a photographic holiday focused on the Puffins of Skomer for NaturesLens, with Richard Peters. I visit the island tens of times every year with my own business, but it's always an exciting time to head over to this seabird paradise.

Some of Stuart’s images from their recent visit to the Puffins of Fair-Isle

Stuart has kindly sent in a selection of images captured on Shetland when they undertook the Puffins of Fair Isle Photography Holiday led by Kevin Morgans. Fair Isle is the most remote inhabited island in the United Kingdom. It is administratively part of the parish of Dunrossness, Shetland, & is roughly equidistant from Sumburgh Head some 24 miles to the northeast on the Mainland of Shetland & ...

Ian’s Memories of Skomer’s Puffins

I count myself fortunate; I've been able to take photos from Alaska to South Georgia, India to the Masai Mara. What's the relevance to Skomer? Well, Skomer, on our own doorstep, presents one of the more challenging environments to ‘get the shot', the shot being that of Skomer's Puffins. Put aside the “will I get there” ...

The dreamy Dalmatian Pelicans of the Greek Lakes

Dalmatian Pelicans are by a small margin the largest of the pelican species & as a whole one of the largest living bird species. An adult pelican can measure up to 185 cm in length, weigh up to 15 kg in weight & have a wingspan of up to 350cm. A Dalmatian Pelican's average weight is around 11.5 kg, which makes it amongst the heaviest flying bird species in the world, although the largest individuals among male bustards & ...

More participant photos of the Birds of the Spanish Plains

We are pleased to post up another selection of photos of the Birds of the Spanish Plains, taken on the Birds of Calera Photography Holiday, these were taken & contributed by David Jones, who visited Calera with me in 2015, but was so taken with the area & the variety of species on offer that he decided to revisit in 2016, with Dan leading the trip on this occasion.

Some thoughts on the Birds of the Spanish Plains

Spain's central plains, about 90 minutes from Madrid, retain their rustic charm & beauty with dilapidate terracotta roofed buildings, rusty farm machinery & very few built up areas. Subsistence farming mixed with large areas of cork oak, olive groves & wilderness create a wide range of unspoilt habitats for the birds of the Spanish plains.

The first client images from the Birds of Calera Photography Holiday

We've been sent some great images from clients in the last week, we will start with a few images of the Birds of Spain, from one of the participants that attended the Birds of Calera Photography Holiday at the end of April, Andrew Oldacre, who had this to say about the trip … ...

‘Osprey Photography Heaven’

Below are some of the images captured by one of our clients on the recent Ospreys of Blue Cypress Lake Photography Holiday, the photography holiday was described by one guest as ‘exceeding all my expectations of how many ospreys we would be able to photograph', whilst another stated ‘this is osprey photography heaven'! ...

Some more great client images from India

As we mentioned earlier this week, we took clients who were participating in a NaturesLens Photography Holiday in India to two locations in India in late March; the first week was spent at Tadoba Tiger Reserve, whilst the second was spent in Nagarhole – Kabini, we also promised to share a series of photos from Jayne, here they are.

Client images from our back to back Indian trips

With our clients, we had a great time on a NaturesLens Photography Holiday at two fantastic locations in India during late March; the first week was spent at Tadoba Tiger Reserve, where the guests experienced encounters with sloth bears, tigers, a leopard (in Jayne's case) & many birds. The second week was spent in Nagarhole – ...

The last of the Dalmatian Pelican client images

This is, I think, the last series of Dalmatian Pelican images captured by clients on the January 2016 Dalmatian Pelican Photography Holidays, Richard Coles attended the second trip, that was lead by Richard Peters. It appears that Richard & the guests were blessed with mirror-like stillness on the lake for at least one of the mornings – ...

Dalmatian Pelican Photography Holidays client images

The photo above was taken by Jayne Bond during this year's Dalmatian Pelican Photography Holiday. A number of the participants on the trip have contributed in some of the images that they captured, if you were wondering what kind of images our guests capture on this trip, then the below should show you the high quality of the captures.

2015 Dalmatian Pelican photography holiday report

I had planned to write a blog post about each trip as they came to end but as with all the best-laid plans, things did not quite work out that way! So, now, eight months after our return from Greece, here is a report on the 2015 NaturesLens Dalmatian Pelican Photography Holiday … ...

Reminiscing on the Tigers of Bandhavgarh

The recent spate of enquiries about our photographic holiday to India to photograph the Royal Bengal Tiger has got me reminiscing about our last visit to India & why this tour is one of my favourite trips. I know I keep saying this but seeing a wild Bengal Tiger really is something very special.

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