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A Beautiful Hornbill At The Scavenger Hide One Of The Species That Makes Up The Awe Inspiring Wildlife Of Zimanga

Exploring the Awe-Inspiring Wildlife of Zimanga Private Game Reserve

Get to know the exciting wildlife of Zimanga Private Game Reserve in South Africa & how to make the most of your trip, making it the visit of a lifetime

Capturing the Wonders of Grimsey Island – Iceland’s Puffin Paradise

From its breathtaking waterfalls to majestic glaciers, Iceland is full of captivating sights & experiences. But few locations in this incredible country offer a more unique experience than the magical Grimsey Island, home of one of the world's largest puffin populations. This small island, situated just north of the Arctic Circle, is a paradise for photographers hoping to capture the vibrant colours of these delightful seabirds.

Exploring the Magic of Japan’s Winter Wildlife

Japan is known worldwide for its unique winter wildlife, from the iconic snow monkeys of Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park to the impressively sized red-crowned crane of Hokkaido; this article will take you through the magical wildlife you can encounter in Japan during the winter months. From the Steller's Sea Eagles that dominate the coast of the northern tip of Hokkadio to the majestic cranes that migrate gracefully from Siberia, we invite you to explore the beauty of Japan's Winter Wildlife.

A spotlight on Lake Kerkini’s Pelicans

In Greece's flat, semi-mountainous areas, many important water habitats are developing into areas of international significance. Perhaps the most essential of these regions is Lake Kerkini.  Lake Kerkini is arguably the premier birding site in Greece & the home for Lake Kerkini's Pelicans. With its location on a major migratory route to the Aegean & ...

Exploring the Incredible African Wildlife of the Maasai Mara

Venturing into the African savannah to photograph the wildlife of the Maasai Mara is a dream for many wildlife enthusiasts. From majestic elephants to mighty lions, Kenya's Mara offers an endless list of fascinating creatures to explore. This article will take you through the remarkable wildlife that calls this incredible ecosystem home.

Experience the excitement of witnessing Northern Sweden’s Eagles

Travelling to remote areas of the world can often reveal some of the most astounding & awe-inspiring sights imaginable. Ask anyone who has visited the wilderness of Sweden, where Northern Sweden's Eagles soar in the skies, gliding effortlessly through the air with a grace & beauty that can only be experienced firsthand.

Explore Kenya’s Rift Valley for the Ultimate African Wildlife Holiday

For photographers looking for the ultimate African wildlife holiday with a difference, look no further than our full board nine-night African Wildlife by Night & Day photography holiday, which takes place in Kenya's Rift Valley. With direct access to the surrounding wildlife conservancies, Lentorre Lodge, which provides the base for this holiday, is a unique accommodation experience that combines luxury, adventure & ...

Discover the Fascinating Yellowstone Wildlife in Winter

From the snow-capped mountains to the vivid geysers to the unique Yellowstone wildlife in Winter, Yellowstone National Park & the Lamar Valley offer an incredible experience to all visitors. But there is something genuinely magical & special about the region during the Winter that makes Yellowstone National Park an unforgettable experience.

Exploring the Amazing Birds of the Danube Delta in Photos

The Danube Delta is a paradise teeming with life. Home to over 300 species of birds, the area is one of the best places in Europe for bird photography. Whether you're an experienced bird photographer or a keen amateur seeking an encounter with nature's beauty, the Danube Delta is a fantastic place to capture images of some of the most remarkable bird species in the world.

Photographing the Spectacular Red-eyed Tree Frog

As visitors to Costa Rica have come to expect, the wildlife of this Central American country is vibrant & awe-inspiring; the majestic birds, the playful monkeys, & the slithering snakes. Yet nothing stops a photographer in their tracks like the sight of a red-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas). This creature, an amphibian native to the rainforests of Costa Rica, is a symbol of the beauty of nature.

Photographing the astonishing wildlife of the Hortobágy National Park

For wildlife photographers, the wildlife of the Hortobágy National Park makes this region of Hungary a must-visit destination. Covering 800 square kilometres, it is home to a great variety of wildlife, including white-tailed eagles, white storks & a multitude of rare & endangered species of birds. Wildlife photographers visiting the region can capture genuinely breathtaking shots of the wildlife of the Hortobágy in their natural habitats, & ...

Top Up Your Image Portfolio in Spain During 2023

If you fancy a visit to Spain to top up your image portfolio this coming season, you could do worse than visit our favourite estate in Toledo – & if you want to visit twice, then we have a trio of great offers for you! In April, you can visit the estate for the Spring Birds of La Mancha photography holiday, during which you should have access to species such as Black Kite, Black-necked Grebe, Common Buzzard, Common Pochard, European Roller, Hoopoe, Little Egret, Marsh Harrier, Spotless Starling & ...

Capturing the Beauty of the Birdlife of the Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a place of untouched beauty with its vast network of rivers & canals, often called the “Amazon of Europe.” It is home to various species of birds, ranging from the majestic White Pelican to the colourful Collared Pratincole. For bird photographers, it is a true paradise. This article will explore the beauty of the birdlife of the Danube Delta & ...

Exploring the Picture-Perfect World of the Puffins of Skomer Island

Nestled in the Welsh waters, the breathtaking Skomer Island is a haven like no other. The island is composed of steep cliffs, & lush green grassland & is home to several native inhabitants. Amongst the impressive array of wildlife, the Puffins of Skomer Island are the most well-known; the island is world-renowned for its large population of Atlantic Puffins.

Discover the Magnificent Pelicans of Lake Kerkini in Photos

Stunning & majestic, the Pelicans of Lake Kerkini National Park in Northern Greece are breathtaking to behold. Every year, thousands of nature photographers travel to this stunning lake in northern Greece, where one can photograph the majestic pelicans that make the lake their home. These incredible birds represent one of nature's most beautiful spectacles & ...

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