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British Owl Photography in Evening light

Long Eared Owl peering out of a tree photographed during the NaturesLens British Owl Photography workshop

We are pleased to announce an intensive British Owl photography workshop on the evening prior to our main May Welsh Owls Photography Workshop, on 9th May 2015. It is our intention for this workshop to focus on an extended session with a beautiful Long Eared Owl, without doubt a stunning subject. The Long-eared Owl is a medium sized owl, it has erect blackish ear-tufts, which are positioned in the center of the head. The ear-tufts are used to make the owl appear larger to other owls while perched. Long Eared Owl sat in a bluebell wood photographed during the NaturesLens British Owl Photography workshop
[su_promotional_box promo_link_text=”Book Now” promo_link=”” promo_content=”Reserve a place on the NaturesLens British Owl Photography in Evening Light Photography Workshop, with a deposit of only £50, your balance will be due April 2015.”] The 2 – 2½ hour workshop will begin with us photographing this charismatic owl on old farm posts & gates, for the next part of the workshop, we will relocate to some woodland & photograph our subject in it’s natural habitat, including hopefully the elusive peeking round the tree shot. The third location will be amongst some gorse which always makes for a great contrast. Our final location will be in a different area of woodland & upon completion at this point the Long Eared Owl will be fed, allowing for some great shots of the bird feeding, but you have to be quick! Continue reading

British Mammals Photography Workshop

Fox and Pine Marten photographed during the NaturesLens British Mammals Photography workshop

If you fancy improving your nature photography skills or the opportunity to capture some amazing images of foxes, wildcats, otters, pine marten, polecat, harvest mice & many more, then join us on our British Mammals Photography workshop.

Polecat climbing down. Photographed at British Mammals Photography workshop run by NaturesLens

To make the most of this weekend of photography, we are adding an afternoon Birds of Prey photo shoot. This will take place on the Saturday afternoon, with the mammal photography starting on the Sunday morning. There is such a wide range of species to photograph at the centre that the only way to do it justice is to spend two & a half days there. Continue reading