Does NaturesLens adhere to the Package Travel Regulations?

NaturesLens Limited has the necessary insurance to adhere to the Package Travel Regulations. Our insurer is approved by AITO, a body which represents more than 120 independent tour operators.
What Protection is offered by the Package Travel Regulations?
A package is defined as:
A prearranged combination of two or more travel components (transport, accommodation or other significant tourist services) when sold at an inclusive price & covering more than 24 hours.
We have been advised, by Trading Standards, that most photography holidays & workshops with an element of accommodation included, both in the UK & abroad, are now covered by the Package Travel Regulations; NaturesLens Limited have the necessary insurance to ensure that we are compliant with these regulations & our guests are covered. The revision of these regulations means everything from our Skomer Island overnight stays to our more extensive trips to locations such as Japan legally require financial protection.
If you take a tour or workshop that is not suitably insured & the provider suffers financial difficulty, you stand to lose any monies paid over, any provider that adheres to the Package Travel Regulations will have protection for this eventuality.
Sales of package holidays (that do not include a flight) must be financially protected.
Our insurer complies fully with the Package Travel Regulations, as a member of this scheme, you can be confident that NaturesLens Limited are meeting the legal obligations for protecting clients undertaking our photographic holidays.
What does this mean for you, as a client of NaturesLens?
When you book a package holiday with NaturesLens Limited, we will financially protect the booking you have made; we recommend checking with other wildlife photography holiday providers that they offer this degree of protection before booking with them.
The cover as mentioned earlier means that should NaturesLens Limited go into insolvency before you have enjoyed your holiday you will be entitled to claim for a refund. If NaturesLens Limited becomes insolvent while you are abroad, then you will either be repatriated or be able to submit a claim for out-of-pocket expenses.
You are covered from the initial deposit through to paying the full balance of a booking.
June 21, 2020