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A species focus article is a type of article that we publish that focuses on a single animal, plant, or fungi species. These articles provide detailed information on the species in question, such as its scientific name, habitat, diet, physical characteristics, & any particular adaptations to its environment. Potential threats to its survival may also be discussed, as well as any conservation efforts underway to protect the species.
These articles have been written to provide a source of knowledge & inspiration for those interested in photographing such species during one of the wildlife photography holidays that NaturesLens offers.

One Of The Bald Eagles Stalls To Land On One Of The Beaches Found In Kachemak Bay Photographed During The Natureslens Sea Otters & Bald Eagles Of Alaska Photography Holiday

A focus on the Bald Eagles of Alaska

Discover the majestic Bald Eagles of Alaska in this captivating blog post. Learn about their habitat, behaviour, & conservation.

The Unpredictability of Lynx Photography in Spain

Why NaturesLens Does Not Currently Offer Lynx Photography Trips in Spain NaturesLens is dedicated to curating unforgettable wildlife photography experiences for its clients & we have been asked numerous times why we do not offer Lynx Photography Trips to any of the locations we have a relationship with, in Spain. However, after careful consideration & ...

Ethical Photography – Respecting the Pelicans of Lake Kerkini

Nestled in the beautiful landscape of Northern Greece, Kerkini is a magnificent sanctuary for wildlife, particularly the impressive Pelicans of Lake Kerkini. These majestic birds have captured the hearts of nature enthusiasts & photographers worldwide. However, it is crucial to approach photographing these creatures with the utmost ethical consideration. In this article, we will shed light on the importance of good ethics when photographing the pelicans of Lake Kerkini, highlighting the concerns surrounding using flash or torches to illuminate the birds.

Tips for photographing the Brown Bears of Finland from hides

Photographing the Brown Bears of Finland in their natural habitat can be an exciting & rewarding experience for any wildlife photographer. Finland is one of the best places to capture these majestic creatures in their natural environment, & using a hide is the best way to do so. Here are some tips for photographing brown bears from hides in Finland: Our Tips for photographing the Brown Bears of Finland from hides Taking pictures of the Brown Bears of Finland can be a unique & ...

The Amazing Brown Bears of Finland

This article covers the Brown Bears of Finland, whose numbers have dwindled recently. Found mainly in the remote forests of northern Finland, the Brown Bear population is declining due to the human-caused destruction of their habitats. To help protect & preserve this species, the Finnish government has taken measures to protect the habitats & ...

Capturing the Charismatic Charm of the Grímsey Island Puffins through Wildlife Photography

A single image of a puffin perched atop a craggy rock face tells a story of determination & beauty that any wildlife photographer should do justice to. While capturing the charismatic charm of Grímsey Island puffins may seem daunting, with the right equipment & knowledge, anyone can hike the island & ...

A focus on the Charismatic Atlantic Puffins of Skomer Island

Skomer is an island off the southwestern coast of Wales known for its variety of wildlife. One of the more unique of these, & possibly most recognizable, is the Atlantic Puffin. This bird, also known as the clown of the sea, has a black crown & back, with pale grey cheek patches & ...

Exploring the Magical World of Atlantic Puffins on Skomer Island in Wales

Throughout history, the Atlantic Puffin has captivated humanity with its vibrant colours, fun personality & beautiful presence. Atlantic Puffins are unique birds mainly linked to the rugged cliffs of the North Atlantic Ocean & the coasts of Scotland, Ireland & Wales. Soaring in the sky, they offer a glimpse into the magical wonders of nature.

Capturing the Majestic Beauty of the Dalmatian Pelicans of Greece

With its striking white plumage & humped back to its majestic pink-orange bill, Dalmatian Pelicans are found across most of Eastern Europe, including the beautiful shores of Lake Kerkini in Greece. For bird photographers, capturing the majestic beauty of the Dalmatian Pelicans of Greece can be a challenge as it can be difficult to catch, but with the right knowledge & ...

Experience the excitement of witnessing Northern Sweden’s Eagles

Travelling to remote areas of the world can often reveal some of the most astounding & awe-inspiring sights imaginable. Ask anyone who has visited the wilderness of Sweden, where Northern Sweden's Eagles soar in the skies, gliding effortlessly through the air with a grace & beauty that can only be experienced firsthand.

Photographing the Spectacular Red-eyed Tree Frog

As visitors to Costa Rica have come to expect, the wildlife of this Central American country is vibrant & awe-inspiring; the majestic birds, the playful monkeys, & the slithering snakes. Yet nothing stops a photographer in their tracks like the sight of a red-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas). This creature, an amphibian native to the rainforests of Costa Rica, is a symbol of the beauty of nature.

Exploring the Picture-Perfect World of the Puffins of Skomer Island

Nestled in the Welsh waters, the breathtaking Skomer Island is a haven like no other. The island is composed of steep cliffs, & lush green grassland & is home to several native inhabitants. Amongst the impressive array of wildlife, the Puffins of Skomer Island are the most well-known; the island is world-renowned for its large population of Atlantic Puffins.

Discover the Magnificent Pelicans of Lake Kerkini in Photos

Stunning & majestic, the Pelicans of Lake Kerkini National Park in Northern Greece are breathtaking to behold. Every year, thousands of nature photographers travel to this stunning lake in northern Greece, where one can photograph the majestic pelicans that make the lake their home. These incredible birds represent one of nature's most beautiful spectacles & ...

Photographing the Unique Dalmatian Pelicans of Lake Kerkini

Few birds are as eye-catching & captivating as the Dalmatian Pelicans of Lake Kerkini. These majestic birds inhabit the lake in northern Greece, & are a natural spectacle for nature lovers. For many years, the beautiful Dalmatian Pelican has been a source of curiosity & awe – their unique characteristics & ...

The Fascinating World of the Atlantic Puffin

The Atlantic Puffin is an iconic seabird of the northern hemisphere, living off the coasts of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Canada, & Maine. They are beloved for their colourful beaks, charismatic personalities, & captivating behaviour. Their lives are full of wonders & surprises that many may not even know about, from their mating rituals to their varied diet.

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