Simon Jenkins – Lake Kerkini’s Pelicans – 2023

Simon Jenkins – Lake Kerkini’s Pelicans – 2023

Explore the serene beauty of the Dalmatian Pelican, the undisputed highlight of photography on & around Lake Kerkini in northern Greece. Photographers flock to this unique wildlife habitat each winter to capture images of these majestic creatures.

With images showing them feeding to soaring in their snow-topped mountain backdrop, this gallery will transport you to the idyllic setting of Lake Kerkini.
Each photo was taken in January 2023 by Simon Jenkins, who joined one of our Dalmatian Pelican photography holidays.
Experience the natural beauty of the Dalmatian Pelican & the surrounding environment of Lake Kerkini with this collection of images.

Lake Kerkini's Pelicans photographed during January 2023

Photographed By 
 during January 

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