A Water Drenched Puffin Taking Flight From The Atlantic Puffin Colony Of Grímsey Island

Grímsey Island – The Best Place in Iceland to Photograph Atlantic Puffins

Article written by David Miles illustrated with images contributed by Robin Lowry.

An Atlantic Puffin Flies Past Black Basalt Cliffs In Iceland

An Introduction to Grímsey Island

is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes & unique wildlife. However, one creature stands out when capturing the hearts of nature photographers – the . With its colourful beak, expressive eyes, & comical waddle, the Puffin has become an iconic symbol of the country. While there are many places in to witness these adorable birds, one location that genuinely stands out is Grímsey Island. Nestled in the middle of the Arctic Circle, Grímsey Island offers an unparalleled opportunity to capture the essence of these charismatic seabirds in their natural habitat. Let's dive into why Grímsey Island is considered the best place in Iceland to photograph the .
  1. Grímsey Island is a Haven for Puffins

    Grímsey Island, situated 40 kilometres off the northern coast of Iceland, within the arctic circle, is home to the largest puffin colony in the country. With an estimated population of 10,000 breeding pairs, it provides an exceptional opportunity to observe & photograph these delightful birds up close. The island's rugged cliffs, lush grasslands, & untouched surroundings provide an idyllic setting for capturing stunning images of puffins in flight, nesting, & socializing.

    A Group Of Puffins From The Atlantic Puffin Colony Of Grímsey Island Set Against The Pink Sky With Icelands Mountains In The Background
  2. Unspoiled Natural Beauty

    Grímsey Island offers a unique & unspoiled landscape that serves as an ideal backdrop for capturing the charm of the . The island is a haven for photographers, with its dramatic cliffs, verdant meadows, & panoramic views of the North Atlantic Ocean. The contrasting colours of the puffins against the backdrop of the blue sea & green grasses create a visually captivating experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

    A Group Of Puffins On The Waters Off Grímsey Island With Icelands Mountains In The Background
  3. Accessibility & Photography Tours

    While Grímsey Island may seem remote, it is surprisingly accessible. Regular ferry services run between the mainland & the island, allowing photographers & nature enthusiasts to visit easily. Additionally, photography tours are available, providing valuable insights into the puffins' behaviour & habitat & ensuring that visitors have the best chance of capturing remarkable photographs. Our experienced guides know the best spots to find the puffins & understand how to approach them without causing disruptions.

    A Mass Of Puffins Taking Flight From The Atlantic Puffin Colony Of Grímsey Island
  4. Puffin Interaction

    One of the unique aspects of Grímsey Island is the proximity you can achieve with the puffins. Photographers can get remarkably close to these friendly creatures with a bit of patience & respect. This close interaction allows for incredible opportunities to document their behaviours, interactions, & intricate details up close. From the Puffin's elaborate plumage to their amusing antics, every moment spent on the island holds the potential for stunning & memorable images.

    A Group Of Puffins From The Atlantic Puffin Colony Of Grímsey Island Set Against The Pink Sky
  5. Grímsey Island Offers a Unique Experience

    Visiting Grímsey Island is not just about photographing puffins; it's an opportunity to immerse oneself in the fascinating world of these charming birds. Witnessing the puffins coming & going from their burrows, watching them dive into the water in search of fish, & observing their social interactions is a truly unforgettable experience. The island itself boasts awe-inspiring landscapes, with unique rock formations & breathtaking views, making it a destination in its own right for nature enthusiasts.

    A Long Landscape View Of The Orange Lighthouse On The Clifftops Of Grimsey Island

Can you stay on Grímsey Island?

Grímsey Island is an isolated & unique destination that offers a unique opportunity for visitors to get away from it all. Although technically part of the Icelandic municipality of Akureyri, the island is only accessible by air or sea from Iceland & is home to only around 80 people. Staying overnight on the island is possible, with two guesthouses offering accommodations for visitors. While the island is remote, visitors can enjoy incredible natural scenery, including cliffs, glaciers, lagoons, & birdlife. There are also some interesting cultural attractions, such as the tiny chapel & a restored lighthouse. For those looking for a real sense of adventure & serenity, staying on this remote Icelandic island is a truly unique & unforgettable experience.

A Trio Of Atlantic Puffins On One Of The Headlands Of Grímsey Island

Who lives on Grimsey Island?

Grimsey Island is home to around 80 people who are all members of the same small fishing community. Many islanders have lived on Grimsey for generations, & the population comprises people from all walks of life – including fishermen, farmers, entrepreneurs, & those simply looking to get away from the hustle & bustle of city life. The island is a remote & peaceful place, & offers some of the world's best & stargazing opportunities. Despite its small size, Grimsey Island is truly a place of beauty & tranquillity, & it is the perfect home for its peaceful inhabitants.

A Group Of Puffins On One Of The Headlands Found On Grímsey Island With Icelands Mountains In The Background


For any nature photographer or bird lover, Grímsey Island in Iceland is a dream come true. The island's abundant puffin population, stunning landscapes, accessibility, & unique opportunity to interact with these charismatic seabirds make it the perfect location to capture the Atlantic Puffin in all its glory. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, Grímsey Island offers an experience that will leave you in awe & provide you with a collection of photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime. So pack your camera gear & embark on a journey to Grímsey Island for an unforgettable encounter with the Atlantic Puffins.

Which Photography Tours Does NaturesLens Schedule for Photographing the Atlantic Puffins of Grímsey Island?

NaturesLens offers an annual Grímsey Island photography holiday; the tour is designed to allow photographers of all levels to add images of the Icelandic Atlantic Puffins to their portfolio. This trip is conducted in June or July when the Icelandic wildlife is most active.

Our photography holidays allow photographers to capture stunning images of the Atlantic Puffin & many other Icelandic species. During our trips, photographers will also have the opportunity to photograph an array of other wildlife, including a vast selection of species of seabird that call the island home.

At NaturesLens, we aim to provide photographers with an unforgettable experience that will leave them with beautiful, memorable images. Our trips are led by experienced wildlife photographers who are passionate about wildlife photography & are dedicated to helping photographers capture the best images possible.

A Pair Of Puffins Drifting On The Waters In Front Of The Basalt Cliffs Found All Over Iceland'S Grímsey Island

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