At NaturesLens, we offer an increasing number of wildlife photography holidays that take in a number of locations worldwide, enabling you to capture images of nature at its finest.
We arrange regular scheduled holidays, tours or trips to Bulgaria , to undertake photography of various species that are available within the region.
For more information about each of these below listed photography holidays, get in touch today or view our frequently asked questions to discover what such a trip involves. All our wildlife photography tours & holidays may be viewed here, we cover a growing number of locations worldwide.

Bulgarian Wildlife Photography Tours, Holidays & Workshops from NaturesLens

2020 Nature & Wildlife Photography Holidays & Tours


Reptiles & Amphibians of Bulgaria 7 nights - 19th - 26th April 2020 Bulgaria £1799 per participant
An Adult European Tree Frog One Of The Species That May Be Photographed During The NaturesLens Reptiles & Amphibians Of Bulgaria Photography Holiday
Join Victoria Hillman & Dobromir Domuschiev, members of the NaturesLens guiding team, in Belene during April 2020 for 7 nights; take the opportunity to capture images of the many of the reptiles & amphibians that are found in bulgaria; the NaturesLens Reptiles & Amphibians of Bulgaria photography holiday is offered on a half board, non-shared room basis, & costs £1799 per participant.

Places Available

Species: adder, aesculapian snake, agile frog, alpine newt, balkan crested newt, balkan green lizard, balkan lizard, balkan terrapin, blotched snake, cat snake, common frog, common newt, common spadefoot, common tree frog, common wall lizard, dahl's whip snake, danube crested newt, erhard's wall lizard, european pond terrapin, fire salamander, fire-bellied toad, four-lined snake, grass snake, green lizard, green toad, hermann's tortoise, horn-nose viper, kotschy's gecko, large whip snake, leopard snake, montpellier snake, northern crested newt, northern slow worm, nose-horned viper, sand lizard, slow worm, smooth snake, snake-eyed skink, spur-thighed tortoise, stream toad, syrian spadefoot toad, viviparus lizard, worm snake, yellowbelly toad


Butterflies & Macro Subjects of Bulgaria 7 nights - 14th - 21st June 2020 Bulgaria £1549 per participant
One Of The Apollo Butterflies Photographed On A Photography Holiday To The Same Regions As The NaturesLens Butterflies & Macro Photography Of Bulgaria Photography Holiday