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A Small Group Of Bubble Netting Whales Off The Coast Of Sitka In Alaska

A Focus on the Awesome Bubble-netting Whales of Alaska

Discover the fascinating world of the Bubble-netting Whales of Alaska. Learn how these majestic creatures hunt & thrive. Dive in now!

Alaska’s Bubble-Netting Whales – An Exciting New Wildlife Photography Adventure

Alaska, often called the Last Frontier, has breathtaking natural beauty & diverse wildlife. One of the most remarkable sights in Alaska are the Bubble-Netting Whales, bubble-net feeding is the feeding technique employed by certain groups of humpback whales. This unique behaviour, where a group of whales work together to corral fish using a ring of bubbles, creates a mesmerizing spectacle that has captivated wildlife enthusiasts & ...

Discover the Breathtaking Wildlife of Alaska’s Kachemak Bay with NaturesLens!

We are pleased to announce an unforgettable photography holiday that will immerse you in Alaska's stunning landscapes & incredible wildlife. Join NaturesLens for a thrilling wildlife photography holiday during the summer of 2026 to witness some of Alaska's most iconic birds & mammals in their natural habitat in the picturesque setting of Alaska's Kachemak Bay! ...

Our awesome new Quetzals & Other Iconic Wildlife of Costa Rica Photography Holiday

Join us on an unforgettable photography holiday in Costa Rica with NaturesLens! Discover the beauty of Costa Rica's iconic wildlife with our Quetzals & Other Iconic Wildlife of Costa Rica Photography Holiday, designed to provide you with the ultimate wildlife photography experience including the opportunity to photograph quetzals going to & ...

Return to photograph the Winter Wildlife of Yellowstone in 2026 at 2024 prices

We are pleased to announce a return to the USA in late February 2026, when we will once again be running our winter wildlife of Yellowstone National Park wildlife photography tour. David, along with local guides, will lead you on a journey through the stunning landscapes of Yellowstone, where you'll have the opportunity to see & ...

The Stunning Bald Eagles of Kachemak Bay

In the pristine wilderness of Kachemak Bay, wildlife photographers & conservationists alike are captivated by the majestic presence of the stunning Bald Eagles. These iconic birds of prey, with their piercing gaze & impressive wingspan, soar above the rugged coastline, symbolising freedom & resilience. Read on to discover the beauty & ...

Book A Launch Offer Spot to capture images of Quetzals & Other Iconic Wildlife of Costa Rica

We are thrilled to be able to announce an exciting opportunity to photograph the Resplendent Quetzals & Other Iconic Wildlife of Costa Rica with NaturesLens; this is a new trip spanning 11 nights scheduled for April 2025. This exclusive tour promises an unforgettable experience capturing the beauty of Costa Rica's diverse wildlife.

Capturing the Beauty of Alaskan Wildlife – Announcing Our Return in March 2026!

The sun has set on our successful Sea Otters & Bald Eagles of Alaska Photography Tour for 2024, but we are thrilled to announce a follow-up tour scheduled for March 2026. Building on our participants' success & overwhelming response, we are excited to unveil an exciting change for 2026 that promises an even more immersive & ...

Celebrate a Decade of Natureslens For Our Birthday!

Are you ready to embark on one or more unforgettable journeys & get rewarded for your wanderlust? Here at NaturesLens, we are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for our valued customers. To celebrate our 10th birthday, from now until the end of June 2024, every new booking you make with us for 2024, 2025 or 2026 from a selected list will allow you to win incredible discounts on your highest-value booking! ...

Visit Lentorre Lodge with us for the Ultimate African Wildlife Holiday

For photographers looking for the ultimate African wildlife holiday with a difference, look no further than our full board nine-night African Wildlife by Night & Day photography holiday, which takes place in Kenya's Rift Valley. With direct access to the surrounding wildlife conservancies, Lentorre Lodge, which provides the base for this holiday, is a unique accommodation experience that combines luxury, adventure & ...

Capturing the Beauty of Spring Wildlife using Bence Máté’s Hides in Hungary

Spring is a magical season where the world awakens from its winter slumber & bursts into vibrant colours & melodies. It is a time when nature's beauty is on full display, & what better way to capture this spectacle than through the lens of a camera? If you are passionate about wildlife photography, one name stands out in the field – Bence Máté.

Top Up Your Image Portfolio in Spain During 2023

If you fancy a visit to Spain to top up your image portfolio this coming season, you could do worse than visit our favourite estate in Toledo – & if you want to visit twice, then we have a trio of great offers for you! In April, you can visit the estate for the Spring Birds of La Mancha photography holiday, during which you should have access to species such as Black Kite, Black-necked Grebe, Common Buzzard, Common Pochard, European Roller, Hoopoe, Little Egret, Marsh Harrier, Spotless Starling & ...

Double Coverage in Wildlife Photographic magazine

We're rather proud to have a double entry in this month's Wildlife Photographic magazine – in addition to the regular feature from me & Pui Hang, which this month is a double page spread of galloping White Horses in the surf, Victoria has a multi-page article about her Forgotten Little Creatures project & ...

Fancy photographing the Atlantic Puffins of Fair-Isle in 2023?

Robin Lowry will once again lead our Atlantic Puffins of Fair-isle trips in 2023. We have seen some fantastic award-winning images coming from this trip in past years. One guest, Sunil Gopalan, won the Animal Behaviour category in the British Wildlife Photography Awards with his dramatic photo taken on our 2017 trip.

Dan Trim wins the BWPA Photographic Competition

Everyone at NaturesLens is proud to congratulate Dan Trim, one of the founding members of our guiding team, who has this year won the BWPA Photographic Competition with the image show below. Dan is a veteran of the NaturesLens guiding team, being with us almost from the day that we started; ...

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