Pui Hang Miles – Lentorre Lodge – 2022

Pui Hang Miles – Lentorre Lodge – 2022

Lentorre Lodge is a hidden gem in the heart of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. This luxurious lodge offers a unique experience for wildlife enthusiasts & photographers. The lodge is situated on a private conservancy, home to various wildlife species, including leopards, giraffes, zebra, hyena, & many more.

However, the highlight of the lodge is the wildlife photography hide, which offers a close-up view of the wildlife.

The wildlife photography hide at Lentorre Lodge is one of the best in Africa. It is located near a waterhole, which attracts a variety of wildlife throughout the day. The hide is well-built & comfortable, with enough space for up to six people. The hide is also equipped with comfortable chairs, bean bags, & a tripod stand, making it easier for photographers to capture stunning images.

The hide has been designed with photographers in mind, with a clear view of the waterhole & the surrounding landscape. The hide is also well-ventilated, with small openings for fresh air & better visibility. The hide is just a few meters from the waterhole, allowing for close-up shots of the wildlife.

The wildlife photography experience at Lentorre Lodge is genuinely unforgettable. The lodge offers a unique opportunity to capture stunning wildlife images in their natural habitat.

Amazing African Wildlife Photography at Lentorre Lodge

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